An Innovation Challenge was launched as part of Techweek'18 Waikato this year, sponsored by Gallagher and supported by a number of local after-school programme providers and other businesses (see bottom of page), focused on technology “innovation that is good for the world” for ages 3-18 yrs across the Waikato region.

The challenge

Design or create an idea that’s “good for the world” - for your whanau, your school/kura, your community, our country, or the whole world! Use what you’ve got, and give it a go! There’s no right answer - we just want to see your creativity, your smarts, and your skills. Do it with a team, or Do It Yourself!


Share your creation with us! You could make a photo collage, create a video/webpage/slideshow, or put it into words.  We want to see the thinking behind your ideas, hear about any teamwork, and know the challenges you faced!


Complete the registration form.


  • Support the development of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) and other relevant skills
  • Inspire school students to innovate with technology
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about the design process
  • Encourage participants to work on a solution to a problem they are interested in


We've got some special spot prizes and other goodies to give away for different categories and ages, with the chance to present your idea or creation at a tech event later this year.

Entries must be submitted by 5pm, 6 July 2018

Entries will be reviewed by our panel of experts, and announcements will be made soon after. 

Keep watching our YouTube channel for details!

Resources and support

We have compiled a list of great resources for students and teachers, including a Design Thinking worksheet, and there are a number of after-school programme providers in the Waikato (see below) supporting the challenge as tech innovation cheerleaders to help you on your way!

If you are having trouble sourcing materials or appreciate additional support services, please contact    

Intro to coding (BBC: Microbit)

Code editor


Scratch and resources

Electronics, robotics and coding

Arduino = Popular microcontroller
Raspberry Pi = Tiny computers
Lego Mindstorms = Robotics
TinkerCad circuits  = Electronics design

Internet of Things

IoT Thinxtra resources

Augmented and Virtual Reality - 3D/VR experience creation
Plattar - AR platform

3D modelling & printing

TinkerCad - 3D modelling

If you need access to a 3D printer please contact

See below for after-school programmers in the Waikato that can support these technologies.

Some inspiration

Assessment criteria

There is no single "right" answer.

The challenge is designed to test the following with respect to the overall theme – “innovation that is good for the world”:

  • understanding of and alignment with the theme
  • critical thinking, analytical skill and creativity in exploring options
  • capacity to co-create and develop possible solutions and/or initiatives

Each entry will be evaluated against the following high-level criteria:

  • Understanding of the opportunities - 20%
  • Developing options and recommendations - 50%
  • Presentation of ideas - 30%


Submissions will need to address, either in written or audio/visual format, the following –

A description and/or exhibit of the submission and how it relates to the theme “innovation that is good for the world” including a summary of the impact you expect the teams idea will make.

Explain how the submission and your team's participation in the challenge addresses the following –

  • Critical thinking and analytical skill
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration and communication

Details of the process and/or steps and strategies that you experienced in pulling together your teams submission

If your team feels more work is needed or the submission could be expanded what would your team or someone else require? And what would the outcome be?

Entries should be emailed to by 5.00pm 6 July 2018.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to enter?
Nothing, it’s free!

Who can participate?
School aged participants, including homeschoolers, living in the Waikato as well as children attending a form of early childhood education in the Waikato.

Where do I register for the challenge?
Complete the registration form.

When we need to submit our entries by?
All entries need to be submitted before 5pm 6 July 2018

Who can I contact for more information?
All inquiries should be directed to or phone 029 2899353.

We have a team, now what?
Come up with an idea for your submission. Teams can focus on anything relevant to the theme and work with any technology.

If you need some inspiration access the useful resources available in this site,

If you are interested in working on an “Internet of Things” initiative please email for more information on obtaining a technology kit and resources.

If you would like to get in touch with an existing technology programme provider you can find more information on programmes that are supporting the challenge below.

We have an idea, now what?
Start developing your submission. Teams can decide to either only submit a design or also build a prototype for submission.

The process we expect teams to follow is:

Design – Document – Share
Design – Build – Document – Share

Documentation can be in the form of a piece of writing, a report and/or slides.

Sharing involves either uploading slides or an audio/visual presentation of your submission to the Innovation Challenge site.

If you need some support access the useful resources available in this site.

We are stuck developing our idea and/or submission, what do we do?
Some useful resources are available in this site.

Can we work with an existing programme provider or talk to them about how they can support our team?
Several after-school programmes (see below) run in the Waikato and can support your Centre, School or organisation in various ways.

Contact a programme provider directly.

Who are the judges?
The judges include staff from leaders in the science, technology and innovation sectors in the Waikato. 

After school programme providers

Several after-school programmes run in the Waikato and can support your Centre, School or organisation in various ways.

Contact a programme provider directly.


Young Engineers     Young Animators

OMGTech!     Bricks4Kidz

Code Avengers

Learning Developments

Education These Days

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